Looking for Answers


Patience, patience had become John’s greatest virtue. No matter how many times he cleaned, cooked, or begged Alex had not relented. It took two weeks for her to finally give in and utter a complete sentence in John’s direction.

Alex knew she was being absurd, she knew she had overreacted to his friendly teasing. She knew that it had been extreme to dump all that water all over him. Alex was well aware that not speaking to him for two weeks while they shared an apartment was borderline cruel. But in the end she found she couldn’t help herself, she was hurt. So very hurt with no idea as to why it had hurt, much less how she could go about expressing it.

Today Alex had spoken to him, her best friend, she couldn’t remember the last time she had gone that long without speaking to him.

As she sat alone in her room in utter silence she understood she needed to find the answer, what made it hurt so much?


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