Huzzah The End is Coming



It seems to be everywhere, whether they are serious or not people are wondering, just wondering if today is the final day? I personally think we have plenty of time left, perhaps even too much, but I respect both sides of the argument. I did come across some of my writings from earlier this year and thought that they were applicable whether or not it rains fire tomorrow. Enjoy!

“Going forward does not always mean progress but going backwards is always regressive”- A

“Today like every other day is absolutely unique; how will you make it extraordinary?”- A

“The past and the future constantly mingle in a dance and no one person is privy to lessons”- A


6 thoughts on “Huzzah The End is Coming

  1. “but I respect both sides of the argument.” Then you are a better person than me, I can’t take doomsday predictions with even a grain of seriousness. This type of hysteria and fear mongering happens all the time. The world has been predicted to end since long before any of us have been alive. It’s best to just ignore this sort of stuff. It has never done anyone any good that wasn’t trying to make a quick buck off of it.

  2. Great post! I personally don’t believe the world is going to end today/tomorrow. I do love those quotes however and agree that we should be living (no matter what) like everyday is our last and just enjoy our time on this world. Thanks for sharing and checking out my blog!

    Everyone feel free to check out my blog! All follows, likes, comments, and views are all appreciated! 🙂

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