Friday Chances


When was the last time you took a big chance?

How long has it been since you risked it all?

Have you ever gone double or nothing?

There is no reason to not start your next project. You can create whatever you want.

Take a Risk.

Take a Gamble.

Write it Down.

Happy Friday Everyone!


20130208_194128Is it so very different from place to place? Do timezones stand for more than just a change in longitude? Are we a reflection of when the sun rises above us, are we more? Would I love him less if he saw the sun after me each day? What if he believes over love only revolves around time? Can I last without him after giving myself fully to our love?

I shouldn’t focus on this now. I need to focus on the moment. He will be off the plane at any moment. No return flight.


Tick- Tock- Tick- Tock

Kiss, Love, Breathe, Live


Heartbreak, Eternal, Ever After


Ramblings of a Writer


~ If the end of the journey is unknown, how do you know where to start? Does it matter?

~ I try to write all of my thoughts onto paper, but I never seem to get it right. Is that wrong?

~ If you have a story tell it, you never know who might need to hear it most. That person could be you.

~ Ramble, write, erase, create, get frustrated; the end will justify the means.

~ If you stop pretending to be satisfied with what you’ve done; your hunger could take you to places you never thought you’d go.


At Night It Calls To Me


It takes a single moment; the blast of the accordion, the bass booming, the trumpet leading the trio. 

I am transported to another place, another era, another realm.

The weather is hot, the air is sticky, jazz music is escaping onto the streets from every direction.

Sounds, Scents, Laughter; all linger in the air.

History flirts with Tragedy who seeks Revelry.

Bourbon St, Canal St, Decatur St.


Deep in the French Quarter my unknowingly lost soul will be found.



*The City of New Orleans will always hold a special place in my heart; I recommend listening to Buckwheat Zydeco “Marie, Marie” to feel the writing above, it encompasses it fully.

Huzzah The End is Coming



It seems to be everywhere, whether they are serious or not people are wondering, just wondering if today is the final day? I personally think we have plenty of time left, perhaps even too much, but I respect both sides of the argument. I did come across some of my writings from earlier this year and thought that they were applicable whether or not it rains fire tomorrow. Enjoy!

“Going forward does not always mean progress but going backwards is always regressive”- A

“Today like every other day is absolutely unique; how will you make it extraordinary?”- A

“The past and the future constantly mingle in a dance and no one person is privy to lessons”- A