Ramblings of a Writer


~ If the end of the journey is unknown, how do you know where to start? Does it matter?

~ I try to write all of my thoughts onto paper, but I never seem to get it right. Is that wrong?

~ If you have a story tell it, you never know who might need to hear it most. That person could be you.

~ Ramble, write, erase, create, get frustrated; the end will justify the means.

~ If you stop pretending to be satisfied with what you’ve done; your hunger could take you to places you never thought you’d go.



10 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Writer

  1. I write whenever I think I have something to say. You also have to want to write it. I’d be miserable if I did not write. I’m home all day. . Lately I’ve been writing more. To tell you the the truth; the only person I write for is me. I’m my own worse critic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. keep on rambling… I love the last line about being hungry. It’s the one time when starving isn’t a disaster… thank you, this is a good one for the start of my day!

  3. I’ve learned to never be satisfied; due to the fact that the editor always, always finds something to say it’s not perfect. Perfection is an elusive ghost that stays hidden from the satisfied. This post makes ya think. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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