Self – Realization

There once was a woman who spoke louder than her actions and found herself mired in mediocrity. Often she spoke of risk, drive, and dreams only to fail to act. There was greatness trapped within, it had snuck out on the occasion but had yet to stay. Could she ever realize it?

More than likely she would be left with nothing. But would that be worse than leaving belief and talent dormant?

At the crossroad she had to risk everything or never speak again.

Her voice refused quit.

Opening Strong


Yes I am in the middle of three different projects… and yet I have also been contemplating starting yet another.

There is an idea that captures my imagination whenever I have a free moment. For now it is just a collection of thoughts in search of a way to be put to paper.

Here is what I am working on for the opening paragraph:

There comes a time when you must achieve the dream regardless of who you must use to get there. If you are afraid you don’t deserve it, quite simply you are too weak for your them. Chasing the elusive white rabbit will consume you. Regret and consequence are not your concern, that only thing that matters is what you seek most. Surely even you can capture love.