Books, Beds and Dreams

Headboard of books

My favorite place to read is definitely my bed; it’s comfortable, cozy and the perfect place to come up with the best new ideas. I saw this headboard and fell in love, it may not be practical but it would be a nice way to incorporate your favorite books, poems, or thoughts. Every night before you fall asleep you could read one final sentence and let the inspiration take over your dreams. Happy Friday! for DIY headboard


13 thoughts on “Books, Beds and Dreams

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    Could not agree more! Hence the reason I am still up at 12:30am reading and blogging! I also find that my best ideas for writing seem to come just as my head hits the pillow, as if the relief of the weight of my skull has allowed my brain to function more freely. That’s why I keep a notepad next to my bed, because there is nothing more regretful than waking up the next morning to find your sure Nobel Prize in Literature has been stolen by the night.

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