The Writer



Inspiration for a story can be found anywhere. The novel I am writing for NaNoWrimo takes place in present time but there are hints of the past. 

When I think of what kind of past I want to incorporate I can’t help but think of the historic Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. The grandeur, the beauty, and the mystery of what lies behind the scenes calls out to me.

What is everyone else using to help build their novels?

11 Years Later

A single melody,

a single flower,

both transport me to another time.

Memories triggered of your crooked smile


the way your shoulders danced to the calypso beat.

Love is only stronger because with age has come


They say you can’t escape your roots-

that’s just fine.

A zest for live, love, family, and nature with an undying sense of


On Sunday we will have you back in our conversation.

The only tears will come from laughter-

that I promise you.

Wandering With Kerouac

It wasn’t too long ago that I did a post about On The Road by Kerouac. The stylistic approach and the sense of adventure while not glorified spoke to me in a way no other book had before. I have a feeling that as the summer approaches I might read my work through all of his works.

They say the more you read after the better you write, although I will admit sitting down to write has been a struggle lately for any number of reasons.

Have you ever read a book by one author and then just been sucked into reading everything they wrote? If so who?

For the Kerouac fans, which book should I pick up next?