Books, Beds and Dreams

Headboard of books

My favorite place to read is definitely my bed; it’s comfortable, cozy and the perfect place to come up with the best new ideas. I saw this headboard and fell in love, it may not be practical but it would be a nice way to incorporate your favorite books, poems, or thoughts. Every night before you fall asleep you could read one final sentence and let the inspiration take over your dreams. Happy Friday! for DIY headboard

The Streetlight

The streetlight has seen it all.

It has been there since the very start of it,

Yet it is forever sworn to secrecy.

Not real, unable to express itself in any way.

But what if?

What if?

If the chance was offered,

would you take it?

An opportunity to be like the light,

Never participating, always watching.

Would you learn from the secrets,

Or would you sell them out?

If you knew the truth,

Complete and total truth.

Should it be embraced,

or hidden


The Strength of Fall

It is not the beginning,

It is not the end.

A time for reflection, a time of


Life becomes dormant,

Hoping it will return again in the Spring.

Lessons can be learned in nature now.

Preparation has begun for the harshest weather

The beauty has retreated, not gone.

What will you do when the harshest weather comes?

Will you be like the tree?

Will you prepare and take strength in your roots?

Or will you be the flower?