Be In Love 

Or it’s a damn waste of time.

I’ve said it before, and it’s trite to not only say it again, but to say it now, but I am back.

Big things on the horizon – I can’t wait to share and most importantly get back to this community.


Running From Dusk

Spring – Summer all but built upon shear anticipation.

Up with the sun, not a moment spared.

A life in frenzy –

A frenzy of life –

Then the sun disappears.

Each evening it goes away earlier and earlier

The shorter the day the less we tend to live it.

Each Day


Each day when I wake up I know there will be a path waiting for me.

Some days I get to chose it, others I don’t.

Today was smooth but tomorrow can’t promise me anything.

Sometimes I walk along the edges in hopes of seeing something, anything.

Each night when I go to bed I close my eyes dreaming of the one path I can’t find.

As long as my eyes open each morning I will go to bed hopeful.

In the meantime I will enjoy the walk.