Within A Dream



Finding The Right Light


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Nothing is ever easy. There is always an excuse, a reason not to continue. In those moments you have to wonder why you put yourself there to begin with? Did you do it with purpose and the intention of work? Was it merely a dream, a hope?

Looking left, looking right, looking straight ahead the answer is nowhere to be found. Why don’t you look where it really matters? Inside of you. You are the only one with the knowledge. Only you can answer your questions. Even in the darkest of moments there is a light to your dream if you can find it.

Each of us has it. We can each do it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It is so simple yet we complicate it. All you can do when surrounded in the darkness is turn on a light. It does’t have to be the best light, it doesn’t have to be a natural light.

Simple cell phones can light up an entire darkened stadium.

My light is writing.

What about you?

There will be a new update to the blog (besides the layout change) coming. New and different content, I look forward to your feedback.

2014 is going to be the year, it is a promise.