The Overflow of Books

  I have been on a bit of a book binge lately. I have ferociously read close to seven books over the last five days and when I am not reading I have been buying new books to read.

I have tried to make the switch to e books but there is just something so comforting when I am holding the book in my hands. As a result books are everywhere and I mean everywhere in my house. There has got to be a better way.

I was wondering around the Internet when I came across this under “unique bookshelves”. It might just be perfect. I can’t think of a better place to read and set up a library then in a room filled with large windows and books around those windows. After all books are a window to another world.

What does your dream library look like? 


2 thoughts on “The Overflow of Books

  1. Too often a good library means blank walls covered over with bookcases. I love it that this picture includes large windows! How wonderful.

    I must say, though, as I grow older, I find myself increasingly wanting to go park somewhere beautiful and read with the windows down….

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