Lost Among The Edits

  I have just recently started to dig into the edits for the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2014 and it is a surprise. I put it off because it’s not a particularly easy story to read everyday, it deals with my life growing up with my schizophrenic father.

Now that I have dug in I am equal parts excited and terrified. I love and believe in the story and what it can grow to be but it is emotionally draining to relive certain events over and over again.

I remind myself that I have thrived and most of the time these stories now in retrospect make me laugh, it’s not often you can chuckle about being in a drive-by shooting…

Does anyone have any tricks they use to keep themselves on track when editing or even writing an emotionally draining story?


5 thoughts on “Lost Among The Edits

  1. I do not write personal stuff, things that have emotional attachment so I am not the right person to suggest anything. However I guess what you can do is choose what you want others to know and what you want to keep for yourself. Picture yourself years down the line reading what you wrote and how you will feel then. Sometimes it helps to let all of it go out, and sometimes things are meant to be kept for yourself (until the right moment/ person comes). Just a random suggestion from someone with limited or no experience. Nevertheless I wish you all the best with your editing and the final product. My warm thoughts also goes to you, your father and all the times (being?) spent between you two. Have a nice day.

  2. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is to admit that I couldn’t write a book without an editor. I’m too close to the material and there are other factors that make an editor imperative. Now that I’ve seen what a good editor can do for a book, I can’t imagine publishing a book without getting it edited first. Finding the right one–someone who is both compassionate and firm, might take a little time.

    Another idea is to find people who are willing to read what you’ve written so far. Encourage questions and look at the questions as a positive thing instead of negative. Here’s how I look at it: I’d rather have people ask questions and give an honest opinion than to have a book reviewer give a bad review for 10,000 people to read.

    I’m simply relaying to you what helped me. For each writer there’s a different path, and for each path a separate journey.

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