Success Should Be Celebrated

Hello Everyone!!!

I just realized I failed you in the month of November as I went through my successful NaNoWriMo experience.

How did everyone else do? Any big takeaways? Anyone going to continue their story?

I am very pleased with my plot and I fully plan to review, edit and take it to completion. 

Also here’s the third edition of our Authors & Beers- it’s a fun way to look at the end of NaNoWrimo.


Authors and Beers | Third Edition


I’ll be back later this week with some new poetry 📓📓📓


Writing Mood

  Sometimes you just need to get words, thoughts, ideas, characters and emotions down before they are gone forever.
There will always be time to go back but only if there’s something to go back to.

I have been having issues sitting down to write but the last couple of days have been motivating.

Lost Among The Edits

  I have just recently started to dig into the edits for the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2014 and it is a surprise. I put it off because it’s not a particularly easy story to read everyday, it deals with my life growing up with my schizophrenic father.

Now that I have dug in I am equal parts excited and terrified. I love and believe in the story and what it can grow to be but it is emotionally draining to relive certain events over and over again.

I remind myself that I have thrived and most of the time these stories now in retrospect make me laugh, it’s not often you can chuckle about being in a drive-by shooting…

Does anyone have any tricks they use to keep themselves on track when editing or even writing an emotionally draining story?

Editing My Experience

TypewritierThe entire month of August I have been working my way through a very new experience. Over the last few weeks I have completed my first round of editing on my recently completed novel. This marks the first time I have gotten serious in the editing process of any of my longer works.

It was a surprising experience. At times some of the sentences were not even English and then they would be followed by great works of grammar. Not entirely sure how that happened but at least part of it was readable.

I found that I can enjoy my own writing in a way that I could not have predicted, it was over all an eye opening experience.

Is it done? No

Do I need to dig even deeper into my scenes and characters? Yes

Do I believe it has legitimate potential? Yes

Am I looking forward to round 2? I am as excited as when I sat down to write the first sentence.

Anyone else have this same kind experience in the editing process?

Where Does The Time Go?

Image 1I have noticed lately that I am really good at setting goals. I mean really I set some amazing goals, my problem seems to be in the follow through. They say the first step in fixing the problem is to admit you have one… I am an disorganized procrastinator when it comes to my beloved writing. I am forever chasing down my next idea, poem, thought, phrase and leaving the actual work to be done eventually.

At some point this has to end or I will never get to the end of anything. I am trying to complete the first round of editing on at least on of my books in August. This being July 31st I thought I would reach out to my followers and ask them how they keep it all together.

How do you plan your writing and/or editing?

Do you plan specific times and days?

What is the best way to hold yourself accountable?

Any and all suggestions are welcome, this month will be the month I finish!