Reminder of the Pleasures and New Projects

My other simple pleasure? Writing and good beer.

Which brings me to my newest project – in addition to this blog I have decided to combine my love of Colorado Craft Beer and writing.

This new blog allows me to explore beer and push my writing in new directions and I would love for you to check it out.

Don’t worry, I will still be spending plenty of time over here 🙂

Self-published novel coming soon!



DSCN1400Even in the most open of spaces there are now lines drawn –

Some lines strong than ever, other merely a trite formality –

What purpose do they serve?

Is it to keep something or someone out?

I think, much to my disappointment, it is to keep –

Someone inside.

In Between

There is a battle within-

I like to believe that it is not just me but I cannot be certain –

I am trapped within the uncertainty of it all.

My imagination absorbs me whenever my focus falters.

To live in fantasy is dangerous –

To live in reality is deadly –

Where is my place?

April Showers

They Say-

They said it then,

they say it now,

that April showers bring May Flowers.

Said with such optimism and hope but

if you think about it,

it’s quite the battle of wills.

Nature versus nature.

They need each other to thrive but

the balance is tenuous at best.

There is a special type of beauty to be found in survival.

Writing Mood

  Sometimes you just need to get words, thoughts, ideas, characters and emotions down before they are gone forever.
There will always be time to go back but only if there’s something to go back to.

I have been having issues sitting down to write but the last couple of days have been motivating.