At Night It Calls To Me


It takes a single moment; the blast of the accordion, the bass booming, the trumpet leading the trio. 

I am transported to another place, another era, another realm.

The weather is hot, the air is sticky, jazz music is escaping onto the streets from every direction.

Sounds, Scents, Laughter; all linger in the air.

History flirts with Tragedy who seeks Revelry.

Bourbon St, Canal St, Decatur St.


Deep in the French Quarter my unknowingly lost soul will be found.



*The City of New Orleans will always hold a special place in my heart; I recommend listening to Buckwheat Zydeco “Marie, Marie” to feel the writing above, it encompasses it fully.


5 thoughts on “At Night It Calls To Me

  1. I listened to Marie, Marie. Very cool. Believe it or not, I used to Buckwheat Zydeco as a kid growing up in the Lafayette area. Great sound. Thanks for the post and bring back memories.

  2. I am listening to “Marie, Marie” and it is as if I’ve put 3D (possibly 4D!) glasses on. The poster has come to life, and I indeed am transported to another place … Thank you for encouraging me to utilize more of my senses to appreciate this piece.

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