Mardi Gras


Sometimes you need a reason to toss inhibition to the side.

Imbibe in a tangy hurricane.

Pop a beignet, a pastry delight from the gods.

An extra drop or five of hot sauce in your gumbo.

Find yourself lost in the crowd on Bourbon street.

Jump, dance, maybe even something more risqué to get a strand of those beads.

The music and the atmosphere leave you hypnotized.

Under a spell of debauchery- not a worry in the world.

Forget about tomorrow you can always repent in the future.
If you want to- I don’t.

Pass the hot sauce.


It’s Mardi Gras

20130210_133117Beads, Booze, Revelry.

Inhibitions set free, only for one day.

Hurricanes flowing from Pat O’Brien’s

Jazz floats onto the street from Preservation Hall.

Party now, repent later,

or not.

No one to judge you.

Bourbon Street is your stage;

Blend into the crowd or

Stand above the rest.

Catch a float or catch the trolley.

Follow your senses, leave your mind behind.

Because tomorrow, tomorrow you must return

to a place of rules, regulations.

Don’t miss the chance to paint your master piece in the vivd colors of

Green, Gold and Purple.

At Night It Calls To Me


It takes a single moment; the blast of the accordion, the bass booming, the trumpet leading the trio. 

I am transported to another place, another era, another realm.

The weather is hot, the air is sticky, jazz music is escaping onto the streets from every direction.

Sounds, Scents, Laughter; all linger in the air.

History flirts with Tragedy who seeks Revelry.

Bourbon St, Canal St, Decatur St.


Deep in the French Quarter my unknowingly lost soul will be found.



*The City of New Orleans will always hold a special place in my heart; I recommend listening to Buckwheat Zydeco “Marie, Marie” to feel the writing above, it encompasses it fully.