Change of Scenery 

Spent the weekend in California, it never ceases to amaze how something like that gets the creative juices flowing.

Different people, cultures, views and vibes- can’t wait to get it down on paper.



ImageWell my first night in Chicago could not have gone any better. I got to enjoy some good beer and make some new friends at Mother Hubbards.

After that was an amazing dinner downtown(see above) on the patio under the cover as rain came pouring down. The lighting put on quite a show. It was the type of scene I would love to capture in my writing.

Today’s adventure will include the Navy Pier.

Happy Friday Everyone!




I bet you can guess where my next adventure is going to take place.

Go on, Guess, you know you want to……

I will be spending a long weekend in Chicago.

I will keep updating while I am away but it is going to have a different feel to it because why not?

I look forward to sharing the fun with you.

Happy Thursday!

Foreign Friday Inspiration


It has been raining here in Colorado for what seems like forever. I have never seen anything like this and I am sure I never will again, watching the news has proven to be quite the distraction.

I needed to get back on track, this picture of Amsterdam was perfect for that. I am hoping to go to Europe next year to travel, photograph and most important write. I don’t need to waste another moment not improving myself.

What is driving you to improve?

Happy Friday!