Love Latte Style


They locked eyes from across the coffee-house. Instantly Rebecca knew she had met her soul mate. Their entire future passed before her eyes. The man, Eric, clearly felt the same synergy; pupils dilated, a smirk grew upon his face. It was an intensely beautiful moment.

The two of them caught in that moment threw caution to the wind. They grabbed their matching medium extra hot no foam vanilla lattes and set out to conquer the world. The birds sang, flowers bloomed and the sun was indeed vivacious.

Two weeks later they were married and on their honeymoon to Iceland; long story, better left for another time. Nine quick months later baby Eric arrived, thirteen months after that baby Rebecca arrived; name creativity was not their strong suit.  The four of them made their way through the world together; joyfully living out the American Dream. Perfect.

Then one day they got divorced.

“Miss, your vanilla latte is ready”.

Nobody Is Perfect

Alex knew when she was wrong, while it very rarely happened, even she could make a mistake. Unfortunately for Alex whenever the rare transgression occurred it was never a small matter. Alex had been more than a jerk to poor John who quite honestly had the right to mock the mating habits of penguins. Who was that guy? Apparently even creepers can be extremely good looking, who knew?

John had been creative in his attempts to apologize, Alex had to step up her game. A home-cooked meal of his favorite food, enchiladas, would work but it would be a lame attempt indeed. She needed to be sweet, apologetic and perhaps a little bit vulnerable. He would have no choice but to accept her apology then; he never could kick her while she was down, a trend she hoped to continue.

The idea came to her after one too many google searches, she would make him a craft. She would paint him a new margarita glass of apology. The man loved his margaritas. Alex was a terrible artist but it was thoughtful, the man didn’t have a chance. Friendship repaired.



My Lock



Should I feel ashamed it was bought by me?

For Me.

No one holds the key to this lock,

The shine is gone; the wear from use.

Cherished, Tarnished, Personal.

Maybe one day he will appear,

The relationship built strong.


Maybe one day he will,

walk in my door.

Maybe I will inspire him,

to walk into theirs.

Until then I will flourish,


Looking for Answers


Patience, patience had become John’s greatest virtue. No matter how many times he cleaned, cooked, or begged Alex had not relented. It took two weeks for her to finally give in and utter a complete sentence in John’s direction.

Alex knew she was being absurd, she knew she had overreacted to his friendly teasing. She knew that it had been extreme to dump all that water all over him. Alex was well aware that not speaking to him for two weeks while they shared an apartment was borderline cruel. But in the end she found she couldn’t help herself, she was hurt. So very hurt with no idea as to why it had hurt, much less how she could go about expressing it.

Today Alex had spoken to him, her best friend, she couldn’t remember the last time she had gone that long without speaking to him.

As she sat alone in her room in utter silence she understood she needed to find the answer, what made it hurt so much?

Men can dust too


Alex was mad, extremely mad, if  John was going to be honest with himself he would admit that she was livid. Livid enough that for the past three days she had given him the silent treatment, she had not spoken a single word to him since the “incident”. It wasn’t that he hadn’t ticked off a woman before, quite the opposite actually, but he hadn’t ticked off a woman who he lived with since he lived with his mother in high school.

Back then all he had to do to get back in her good graces was clean the house. It didn’t seem particularly logical but it was the best idea he had come up with so far. Maybe, just maybe, Alex would start speaking to him again if she came home to a sparkling, dust free apartment after work. Smiling to himself he believed he had figured it out, maybe living with a woman had given him a newfound sense of understanding. Precious information that perhaps he should share with his fellow man.

Several hours later; after all the scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming he could muster Alex walked in from work.

“Nice try”, was all she said as she sailed into her bedroom. John couldn’t help but to shout in return, “at least I got you to talk to me”!

The Laughing Seal


Stumblin’, Rumblin’, and Bumblin’ John came tumbling out of his room onto Alex’s feet. Laying on his back John looked up and saw the look of pure annoyance of Alex’s face.

“Tell me Mr. Boxerman were you listening in on my date”?

John tried, tried earnestly to keep a very serious and straight face. It didn’t work as he burst out laughing, “tell me grand chef were you and your date having a serious conversation about the mating habits of penguins”?

Alex only glared at John as he literally rolled around on the floor laughing. How dare he invade her privacy by spying on her date. How dare he make fun of her date and their private conversation after spying on them, who did he think he was?

John was oblivious to the growing anger coming from Alex’s direction. She was quickly becoming furious, if possible, steam would be shooting out of her ears at that moment. John was laughing so hard that he was turning beet red and began to sound like a seal after one too many drinks. He was lost in a sea of laughter.

Alex seized the opportunity; she walked over to the sink and filled the largest glass she could find with ice cold water. With a look of pure determination Alex casually walked over to where the seal was still laughing on the floor and dumped the entire glass of water across his body.

Could it be an underwear party?

The two roommates began an intense staredown, neither one of them backing down. The tension was palpable, two strong wills locked in an epic battle.

“You invited a date to our apartment, obviously with enough time to prep a grand dinner and now this is my problem? You forgot to mention this to me at some point, any point during the week, I have news for you friend, this is your problem”.

Before Alex even had the opportunity to respond their argument was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. They were trapped, there was no way John could get out now, Alex entered the stage that came after desperation.

“Name your price, name anything, heck even take the metaphorical blank check if you will please just silently hide in your room for the next two hours”

John did not respond immediately, he took his time, enough time to make Alex nervous, “I am going to grab a couple of beers and I can watch the game on my laptop; but if he is not gone in exactly two hours I am coming out of my room wearing only my boxers. That is a promise”.

Poor Timing

Panic, panic was the only word Alex could think of when she heard the door click in the middle of her putting the chicken in the oven. Of all the obsessive compulsive things Alex had done to prepare for her date with the Dream Boat she had actually managed to forget to tell John about it.

John was about to walk in and James was expected to do the same within the next 15 minutes. Red Alert, Full blown panic, she needed a plan and she needed it desperately.

It’s not like she could just kick John out for the night, but it was also be beyond awkward to have them both there at the same time. Alex needed a bribe and she needed it now, what could she possibly come out with in this critical moment?

When bad turns to oh so good

Generally Alex would have spent days pouting over and then plotting revenge against that evil, evil old lady. However, being called a harlot actually managed to bring her a very good stroke of luck. After the incident Alex stormed off to her, go to coffee shop for emotional release and that’s where she met him.

James was his name and he was so very pretty standing in front of her in line. The smile he gave Alex made her heart melt, and when he bought her coffee she thought she would turn into a giggling school girl. The conversation the two of them shared for the next two hours was the best she had experienced in a long time with a new man.

He was perfection, he was light; she was exaggerating but that did not stop her from inviting him to her place for dinner later that week.

The Neighbor

Alex never did get any details on the mysterious date, at some point during the movie she fell asleep. Not only that but John had the audacity to leave early the next day to do who knows what without giving her the proper details, his first roommate faux pas. Alex was left to wonder, wait, wonder, and most frustrating of all wait.

John came in panting, covered with sweat, it became clear his early morning disappearance was a morning jog. As Alex was going to pounce of him and demand information she was shut down by the expression on his face. Out of breathe John demanded, “Have you met her, I mean please tell me you have met her, did she give you the fifth degree”?

“Who are you talking about, what happened”?

“The old lady, our next door neighbor, she trapped me on my way up the stairs, and then she demanded to know what our intentons were, us, living together in such an inappropiate manner”!


*Madge Sinclair