Could it be an underwear party?

The two roommates began an intense staredown, neither one of them backing down. The tension was palpable, two strong wills locked in an epic battle.

“You invited a date to our apartment, obviously with enough time to prep a grand dinner and now this is my problem? You forgot to mention this to me at some point, any point during the week, I have news for you friend, this is your problem”.

Before Alex even had the opportunity to respond their argument was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. They were trapped, there was no way John could get out now, Alex entered the stage that came after desperation.

“Name your price, name anything, heck even take the metaphorical blank check if you will please just silently hide in your room for the next two hours”

John did not respond immediately, he took his time, enough time to make Alex nervous, “I am going to grab a couple of beers and I can watch the game on my laptop; but if he is not gone in exactly two hours I am coming out of my room wearing only my boxers. That is a promise”.


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