Sunrise on Fremont

AliceInWonderlandThe other day I went on a stroll at 6am.

The things I saw cannot be shared for fear of breaking the code.

It was brilliance; ladies in lace, men missing their suit jackets.

People young and old and those who were confused as to their age intermingled.

No shame, no guilt, merely a laugh shared among only those who truly knew.

Dreams accomplished for some, Dreams shattered for many.

A story for each and a story for me.

Thanks Vegas ūüėČ



John¬†had told Alex that he was going to sit in his room; watch sports on his laptop with his¬†headphones and a beer. He said he would leave her completely alone until her two hours were up, then he was going to brazenly stroll into the living room wearing only his boxers. John reminded himself that’s what he should do. In theory, was differentvastly different, than in reality.

John could not help himself as he slid off of his bed ninja-style and made his way towards the door. He had never witnessed Alex on a date, and it was really her fault for bringing him to their apartment, he had to listen in. Creeping up to the door John made sure not to make a single noise, he then pressed his ear to the door and waited; focusing all of his attention so that he could make sense of the muffled voices.

John¬†stopped, he sat back from the door, after what he had just heard he couldn’t decide if he was shocked or just incredibly confused. If he was not mistaken the two of them were discussing the mating habits of penguins. Flustered he moved back towards the door to listen again, surely he must have not heard them correctly.

Pressing¬†his ear closer he heard nothing, not a single sound. His mind began to race, he was both confused and increasingly concerned for Alex’s well being, who was that guy? Suddenly a click and he knew it was too late as he went tumbling forward, landing on Alex’s feet.

Could it be an underwear party?

The two roommates began an intense staredown, neither one of them backing down. The tension was palpable, two strong wills locked in an epic battle.

“You invited a date to our apartment, obviously with enough time to prep a grand dinner and now this is my problem? You forgot to mention this to me at some point, any point during the week, I have news for you friend, this is your problem”.

Before Alex even had the opportunity to respond their argument was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. They were trapped, there was no way John could get out now, Alex entered the stage that came after desperation.

“Name your price, name anything, heck even take the metaphorical blank check if you will please just silently hide in your room for the next two hours”

John did not respond immediately, he took his time, enough time to make Alex nervous, “I am going to grab a couple of beers and I can watch the game on my laptop; but if he is not gone in exactly two hours I am coming out of my room wearing only my boxers. That is a promise”.

Not a good day

Poor, poor unsuspeting John after perhaps the worst day he’d ever had at work he was all but mauled by Alex when he walked into their apartment.

You have to leave right now, no time to ask questions, I will owe you for the rest of time anything you want, anything”.

If it had been any other female besides Alex he may have taken her up on the offer but not after the day he just had.

The troll in accounting stalked and hassled me for four hours today; all I have to do is grab a beer and find a sport of some sort to watch. Back off.”

Unusre of what tact to use next Alex went to the oldest trick in the book, she took a deep breathe and focused all of her emotion so that she could do the one thing she knew would bring any man to his knees. With one short sniffle she let the flood of tears go, “You have to go I am expecting a date for dinner any minute” *sniff¬† *sniff “you simply cannot be here”.

John look at Alex dubiously, “cut it out I have seen your best fake tears before, I am immune”. Then it dawned on him what she actually said, “did you just say your date was coming here, any minute”?



Poor Timing

Panic, panic was the only word Alex could think of when she heard the door click in the middle of her putting the chicken in the oven. Of all the obsessive compulsive things Alex had done to prepare for her date with the Dream Boat she had actually managed to forget to tell John about it.

John was about to walk in and James was expected to do the same within the next 15 minutes. Red Alert, Full blown panic, she needed a plan and she needed it desperately.

It’s not like she could just kick John out for the night, but it was also be beyond awkward to have them both there at the same time. Alex needed a bribe and she needed it now, what could she possibly come out with in this critical moment?

When bad turns to oh so good

Generally Alex would have spent days pouting over and then plotting revenge against that evil, evil old lady. However, being called a harlot actually managed to bring her a very good stroke of luck. After the incident Alex stormed off¬†to her, go to coffee shop for emotional release and that’s where she met him.

James was his name and he was so very pretty standing in front of her in line. The smile he gave Alex made her heart melt, and when he bought her coffee she thought she would turn into a giggling school girl. The conversation the two of them shared for the next two hours was the best she had experienced in a long time with a new man.

He was perfection, he was light; she was exaggerating but that did not stop her from inviting him to her place for dinner later that week.


John had been truly upset to the point of almost being frightened when he spoke about the neighbor as he referred to her. Alex had even forgotten to give him the fifth degree about his date. Alex was now determined to meet this evil old lady for herself.

For three days Alex took her absolute sweet time walking down the hall, down the stairs, and out the front door in hopes of catching a glimpse. She felt like she was hunting for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everytime a door opened Alex would slow her walk, she was a wild animal hoping to be trapped in the snare.

On the fourth day Alex was granted her wish when a little old lady stopped her in her tracks and introduced herself as Gertrude.

“Are you the young lady living sinfully with that young man I met the other day”?

“Yes I live with him as roommates, his name is John”

“We had a name for women like you in my day” with an extravagent whip of her bath robe¬†Gertrude walked back to her front door, “HARLOT” follwed by the door being slammed with unadulterated conviction.

The Neighbor

Alex never did get any details on the mysterious date, at some point during the movie she fell asleep. Not only that but John had the audacity to leave early the next day to do who knows what without giving her the proper details, his first roommate faux pas. Alex was left to wonder, wait, wonder, and most frustrating of all wait.

John¬†came in panting, covered with sweat, it became clear his early morning disappearance was a morning jog. As Alex was going to pounce of him and demand information she was shut down¬†by the expression on his face. Out of breathe John demanded, “Have you met her, I mean please tell me you have met her, did she give you the fifth degree”?

“Who are you talking about, what happened”?

“The old lady, our next door neighbor, she trapped me on my way up the stairs, and then she demanded to know what our intentons were, us, living together in such an inappropiate manner”!


*Madge Sinclair



What if?

Alex had to admit John looked really good when he left on his date. Better than he had looked in a while, he had always been a good looking man but he had gone the extra mile.

It was driving her crazy, she barely paid any attention to PS I Love You, her favorite sap fest of all time. Just who was this chick that John had spent so much time prepping to impress? Better yet why had he failed to even mention here prior to tonight? What was John hiding, they told each other everything?


“Oh my god, what if he brings her home tonight”?!