Not a good day

Poor, poor unsuspeting John after perhaps the worst day he’d ever had at work he was all but mauled by Alex when he walked into their apartment.

You have to leave right now, no time to ask questions, I will owe you for the rest of time anything you want, anything”.

If it had been any other female besides Alex he may have taken her up on the offer but not after the day he just had.

The troll in accounting stalked and hassled me for four hours today; all I have to do is grab a beer and find a sport of some sort to watch. Back off.”

Unusre of what tact to use next Alex went to the oldest trick in the book, she took a deep breathe and focused all of her emotion so that she could do the one thing she knew would bring any man to his knees. With one short sniffle she let the flood of tears go, “You have to go I am expecting a date for dinner any minute” *sniff  *sniff “you simply cannot be here”.

John look at Alex dubiously, “cut it out I have seen your best fake tears before, I am immune”. Then it dawned on him what she actually said, “did you just say your date was coming here, any minute”?




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