The Neighbor

Alex never did get any details on the mysterious date, at some point during the movie she fell asleep. Not only that but John had the audacity to leave early the next day to do who knows what without giving her the proper details, his first roommate faux pas. Alex was left to wonder, wait, wonder, and most frustrating of all wait.

John came in panting, covered with sweat, it became clear his early morning disappearance was a morning jog. As Alex was going to pounce of him and demand information she was shut down by the expression on his face. Out of breathe John demanded, “Have you met her, I mean please tell me you have met her, did she give you the fifth degree”?

“Who are you talking about, what happened”?

“The old lady, our next door neighbor, she trapped me on my way up the stairs, and then she demanded to know what our intentons were, us, living together in such an inappropiate manner”!


*Madge Sinclair




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