Nobody Is Perfect

Alex knew when she was wrong, while it very rarely happened, even she could make a mistake. Unfortunately for Alex whenever the rare transgression occurred it was never a small matter. Alex had been more than a jerk to poor John who quite honestly had the right to mock the mating habits of penguins. Who was that guy? Apparently even creepers can be extremely good looking, who knew?

John had been creative in his attempts to apologize, Alex had to step up her game. A home-cooked meal of his favorite food, enchiladas, would work but it would be a lame attempt indeed. She needed to be sweet, apologetic and perhaps a little bit vulnerable. He would have no choice but to accept her apology then; he never could kick her while she was down, a trend she hoped to continue.

The idea came to her after one too many google searches, she would make him a craft. She would paint him a new margarita glass of apology. The man loved his margaritas. Alex was a terrible artist but it was thoughtful, the man didn’t have a chance. Friendship repaired.




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