Love Latte Style


They locked eyes from across the coffee-house. Instantly Rebecca knew she had met her soul mate. Their entire future passed before her eyes. The man, Eric, clearly felt the same synergy; pupils dilated, a smirk grew upon his face. It was an intensely beautiful moment.

The two of them caught in that moment threw caution to the wind. They grabbed their matching medium extra hot no foam vanilla lattes and set out to conquer the world. The birds sang, flowers bloomed and the sun was indeed vivacious.

Two weeks later they were married and on their honeymoon to Iceland; long story, better left for another time. Nine quick months later baby Eric arrived, thirteen months after that baby Rebecca arrived; name creativity was not their strong suit. Β The four of them made their way through the world together; joyfully living out the American Dream. Perfect.

Then one day they got divorced.

“Miss, your vanilla latte is ready”.


12 thoughts on “Love Latte Style

  1. Hi there,
    been sneaking around for some time, having a sense of I Like it, but…
    Being used to a rather more substantial view of what I read, I must say the style caught me. Orwellian in the sense of Orwell’s advice: “if you can cut out a word, then cut it”, your wingednutshell:-) is perfect for its genre, with a core I’not sure you have intended, which is “living OUT” (caps mine) the american Dream, as unfortunately, the way this once top of dreams dream has become a rather nightmare, with so many holes in it, the only way seems to be… out.
    I would have pondered a bit more on last two sentences, for a maybe more either metaphoric, or brushed mode of expression. In my opinion, short writings need lasting echo endings…
    Looking fwd for more:-)


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