The Library


The scent is utterly recognizable. To him it is serenity. To some the musk, the leather and the age would bring up disconcerting emotions. For him, his blood pressure drops and his mind clears. There is no description that can do the ambiance justice. This is a place while full is vacant of any worries.

The need to escape now is greater than ever. Destruction, death and apathy weigh heavily on the soul. It ages a man far past his years, the lines are added to his face, the stress upon his heart. An escape if only for a moment can bring immeasurable relief.

He enters the room fully and makes his way to his faithful chair. Sinking into it, he closes his eyes and reaches for the side table out of instinct. His fingertips feel the etched writing on its spine. Opening his eyes the book, The Great Gatsby, was in front of him. His eyes adjusted to the text, he let go of any remaining grasp on reality.

Survival if only for a page was undeniably his.


7 thoughts on “The Library

  1. Absolutely beautiful. “Great Gatsby”? Fitzgerald captured my imagination at a very early age. “The Cut Glass Bowl” haunts me to this very day. Books are a great escape- a “safe place” to lose myself while the outside world goes crazy.

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