A Place To Store My Collection

Dream LibraryI have recently started a collection of First Edition Books, this would be perfect.

The black and white photos create a nice ambiance to curl up with a good book.




The Library


The scent is utterly recognizable. To him it is serenity. To some the musk, the leather and the age would bring up disconcerting emotions. For him, his blood pressure drops and his mind clears. There is no description that can do the ambiance justice. This is a place while full is vacant of any worries.

The need to escape now is greater than ever. Destruction, death and apathy weigh heavily on the soul. It ages a man far past his years, the lines are added to his face, the stress upon his heart. An escape if only for a moment can bring immeasurable relief.

He enters the room fully and makes his way to his faithful chair. Sinking into it, he closes his eyes and reaches for the side table out of instinct. His fingertips feel the etched writing on its spine. Opening his eyes the book, The Great Gatsby, was in front of him. His eyes adjusted to the text, he let go of any remaining grasp on reality.

Survival if only for a page was undeniably his.

A Very Cozy Friday


The temperatures are dropping, the end of the year is coming and all I want to do is curl up in front of a nice warm fire-place and let my book take me away. In beautiful Colorado it has yet to hit above 32 degrees this week and while I love the beauty of winter I get tired of the constant shiver when the cold is not interrupted by the usual sunshine. It is time for a final dose reading and relaxation before a new, exciting and action packed year begins. Happy Friday Everyone!

The possibilities of Friday

I don’t know what it is about Friday but the possibilities seem to be endless, much like this awesome free little library. I think a free little library should be in every neighborhood, a great way to share books and ideas. Happy Friday everyone and for my fellow NaNoWrimos I hope it is a productive Friday and weekend for those word counts.

Go with Simple and Beauty Will Follow


It is a very cold Friday here in Colorado which reminds me that November is soon upon us and all the time I had to prepare for NaNoWriMo is quickly disappearing. I picked this shelf because of its combination of simplicity and beauty, something I am going to have to remember in the upcoming weeks if I want to survive writing an entire novel in one month. Happy Friday Everyone!

I can’t help myself, Sunday Dreamin’

I know I usually wait until Friday before putting up some of my dream libraries but sometimes I just can’t wait. I saw this and fell in love, not only would it be an amazing way to display and keep track of your books but it’s a secret doorway. Let’s be honest who doesn’t dream of their house having a secret door and hidden passage combo???

The Modern Look

I can’t help it Friday always brings a good feeling week after week, and of course it brings dreams…. mostly of the weekend but dreams none the less. This is different than any of the other libraries I have posted; it’s more modern and sleek and you don’t have to have an entire room to organize your books in a fun way.