Fun in the Sun Friday

Summer Wildflowers Above Lower Blue Lake

Something weird has been happening in Colorado the last few days, the weather has been amazing. We have seemingly with perhaps only a few minor hiccups remaining left winter behind. It is about damn time, I love winter but it has its place which should promptly end some time in March.

The nice weather naturally led me outside to frolic, yes I still frolic at my age. While I was out frolicking something funny happened. I realized I had missed almost all, wait I am always honest with you all, I missed pretty much all of my writing goals. I did not sit down for one minute last weekend and work on my blog and any other various project for that matter. Instead I focused intentionally on fun on the patio and unintentionally on sunburns on my shoulders.

This got me to thinking also a scary thought after a long week at work, how can I make sure that the weather of summer does not lure me away from my writing? If you want to be a writer it’s simple you have to write. For me the best thing to do is to set some summer goals. That and maybe find a new patio where I can not only enjoy the sun but bring my laptop.

My Summer Goals-

1. Edit my two novels.

2. Finish a very, very rough draft of my memoir.

3. Expand my Blog.

4. Read 25 completely new books.

5. Still enjoy some fun in the Sun 😉

What are your goals?


13 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun Friday

  1. Ambitious goals. Good luck.

    my goals are to finish ever unfinished project before I start another one. Problem is that there are 42,694,887.8 projects already started. Oh yes, another goal is to stop using hyperbole in every single comment and posting and story!. 🙂

  2. Good plan! The sun has finally come out here in London too… yes, even in the UK! Although I’m not sure that my views ar quite as impressive as yours.

    I’m looking forward to finishing off the first draft of my novel and then getting through a second draft. Yes, get some more sun… please god of english weather!

    Sadly (in some ways) I desperately also need a full-time job since my bank account is now looking a little spacious. Fingers crossed for all of the above!

  3. Wow! I’m finding out a lot of wordpress bloggers are from Colorado, too! And I agree with you, it is soooo time for warm weather!
    I like your summer goals, but you forgot something: have fun! “All work and no play makes Alysia a dull girl.”
    My one goal is to rewrite my modern day werewolf novel and have it ready for publication by fall. But since I irrigate all summer (might not happen this year because of the drought) and have the family’s cows to take care of, I don’t usually get a lot of writing done.
    Good luck on your goals! And if you’re still looking for books to add to that list, I’d be glad to give you a PDF copy of my short, western-ghost story if you’d be willing to review it for me!

  4. I have to think. I write mainly in the morning. I have to feel like writing. I sure EVERYONE has stared a a blank screen- I have. I have a GF who writes every day- It works for her. Frankly, I don’t know if I’ll write today- BORING DAY- I just went out- windy.

  5. I used to live in Ouray, Colorado, and so I can relate! Now I’m in Kirkland, WA and the sun has been out for a week and for the Pacific Northwest, that means get out and enjoy it!, so my writing goals are “out the window” for now, but I like your goal setting and will be thinking about it….

  6. excellent, my goals this summer are simple, get through without putting the children up for adoption! Kidding! one newborn awake at every hour and a two year old driving me insane right now, I guess my one goal is to keep writing somehow. Loving your page, the picture for this post is spectacular, kind regards, keep writing (and good luck with your books and memoires), baldy 🙂

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