Under Cover

I have been longing for the brilliance of the sun’s June rays.

They warm my skin which in turn warms my soul.

Optimism rises from the heat and mingles with the cold drink in my hand.

Memories dance across my mind – Images flash and laughter echoes.

The freedom of summer dwindles a bit each year with age in a literal sense


You can keep it alive within you.


  The river bed is just a suggestion, the beauty is in seeing just how far it can go.

Find a new shore and enjoy the show.


Summer Changes

I think what I like most about the summer is its ability to be dramatic. It can be sunny and cheerful one moment and then dark and destructive the next.

You think you can see the storm coming but you can never be sure until it arrives.

There is no preparation only experience.

It strikes me as the right way to approach the world


for me, for tonight, writing.