Image 3One of my favorite times of the year is the middle of summer just as the sun begins to set. Dusk to me is a time when anything seems possible and that gets my creative juices flowing.

When is your favorite time?



13 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. I would concur with dusk in summer, as it’s such a peaceful time. I would go a few hours later and say summer nighttime since one of my favorite things to do is lay on my backyard deck and gaze up at the stars. Such allows for great introspection!

  2. Dusk is such a beautiful time of day! The light is perfect (and at its most flattering, haha). I enjoy sunrise, too, but I always seem to be in a hurry when I do get a glance of the sun peeking up over the horizon. Dusk is more mellow and friendlier somehow. πŸ™‚

  3. For me it is dawn and particularly in the fall. Amazing red skys thread their way through the brightly dressed trees until they are able to leap over them. It is quiet and beautiful. Just me and God.

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