April Showers

They Say-

They said it then,

they say it now,

that April showers bring May Flowers.

Said with such optimism and hope but

if you think about it,

it’s quite the battle of wills.

Nature versus nature.

They need each other to thrive but

the balance is tenuous at best.

There is a special type of beauty to be found in survival.


Fun in the Sun Friday

Summer Wildflowers Above Lower Blue Lake

Something weird has been happening in Colorado the last few days, the weather has been amazing. We have seemingly with perhaps only a few minor hiccups remaining left winter behind. It is about damn time, I love winter but it has its place which should promptly end some time in March.

The nice weather naturally led me outside to frolic, yes I still frolic at my age. While I was out frolicking something funny happened. I realized I had missed almost all, wait I am always honest with you all, I missed pretty much all of my writing goals. I did not sit down for one minute last weekend and work on my blog and any other various project for that matter. Instead I focused intentionally on fun on the patio and unintentionally on sunburns on my shoulders.

This got me to thinking also a scary thought after a long week at work, how can I make sure that the weather of summer does not lure me away from my writing? If you want to be a writer it’s simple you have to write. For me the best thing to do is to set some summer goals. That and maybe find a new patio where I can not only enjoy the sun but bring my laptop.

My Summer Goals-

1. Edit my two novels.

2. Finish a very, very rough draft of my memoir.

3. Expand my Blog.

4. Read 25 completely new books.

5. Still enjoy some fun in the Sun 😉

What are your goals?

Friday in the Springs

GlenwoodSpringCoThis glorious slice of paradise in the hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs Colorado. It has been a long and hard week for me, perhaps it has been the same out there for some of my followers; why don’t we all escape together?

Let’s take a minute, let all of the tension drain from your body. You walk out from the locker room and feel the 32 degree mountain air take over your body. There is a hint of sulfur coming from the natural springs. The water is warm, so incredibly warm, 104 degrees of unadulterated bliss. Floating on your back you are able to see thousands and thousands of stars crisply, clearly, without the impediment of city lights. Serenity.

The great thing about writers is that we are able to escape so easily. 😉

Happy Friday Everyone!