A slice of paradise


In the midst of a ten-hour workday, I struggle, I struggle to find a way to make it to the end of the day. The job is mundane, the location covered in dust but it is a paycheck, and I simply cannot walk away. In the darkest moments, exhausted; my brow furrowed with sweat I search for a way, any way to make the time pass. Escape exists in my imagination, the ability to transport myself to another place; a place all to myself, my toes dipping into the crystal clear water, my skin soaking up the skin. I know it won’t be today, and it may not be for a long time but one day I will get there, the Philippines.


5 thoughts on “A slice of paradise

  1. Don´t put a distance between you and whatever you want to experience!
    Live now in that so-called ideal, and the factual “ideal” might come easier and earlier than expected.

    Just feel like asking this:

    Is Life about struggling…?
    Is Life about “making time pass”…?
    What value have those money earned in hardship, resistance and effort…?

    Are we here to toil…?
    Does a butterfly toil when flapping happily around…?

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