In Between

There is a battle within-

I like to believe that it is not just me but I cannot be certain –

I am trapped within the uncertainty of it all.

My imagination absorbs me whenever my focus falters.

To live in fantasy is dangerous –

To live in reality is deadly –

Where is my place?

Setting A Trap

 Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this imagination of mine?

Must be a mix of something good, something bad, and a bit of something else.

Some days it stays at bay, other days it run rampant, never wanting to be caught.

Caught by the pen,

Caught by the page,

Caught forever by the reader.

Catching My Eye

DSCN0205There is absolutely no reason to take this picture,

There is nothing interesting about it.

It doesn’t have contrast,

There is nothing significant.

Yet I can’t help myself.

Snap, Shutter, Snap, Snap.

Capture, whatever it might have been, it is now forever imposed in my camera.

Maybe one day I will figure it out,

Part of me hopes that isn’t true,

There is something forever interesting about

What might have been, what could be.


of all