In Between

There is a battle within-

I like to believe that it is not just me but I cannot be certain –

I am trapped within the uncertainty of it all.

My imagination absorbs me whenever my focus falters.

To live in fantasy is dangerous –

To live in reality is deadly –

Where is my place?


Setting A Trap

 Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this imagination of mine?

Must be a mix of something good, something bad, and a bit of something else.

Some days it stays at bay, other days it run rampant, never wanting to be caught.

Caught by the pen,

Caught by the page,

Caught forever by the reader.

Catching My Eye

DSCN0205There is absolutely no reason to take this picture,

There is nothing interesting about it.

It doesn’t have contrast,

There is nothing significant.

Yet I can’t help myself.

Snap, Shutter, Snap, Snap.

Capture, whatever it might have been, it is now forever imposed in my camera.

Maybe one day I will figure it out,

Part of me hopes that isn’t true,

There is something forever interesting about

What might have been, what could be.


of all



Opening Strong


Yes I am in the middle of three different projects… and yet I have also been contemplating starting yet another.

There is an idea that captures my imagination whenever I have a free moment. For now it is just a collection of thoughts in search of a way to be put to paper.

Here is what I am working on for the opening paragraph:

There comes a time when you must achieve the dream regardless of who you must use to get there. If you are afraid you don’t deserve it, quite simply you are too weak for your them. Chasing the elusive white rabbit will consume you. Regret and consequence are not your concern, that only thing that matters is what you seek most. Surely even you can capture love.   


A Very Cozy Friday


The temperatures are dropping, the end of the year is coming and all I want to do is curl up in front of a nice warm fire-place and let my book take me away. In beautiful Colorado it has yet to hit above 32 degrees this week and while I love the beauty of winter I get tired of the constant shiver when the cold is not interrupted by the usual sunshine. It is time for a final dose reading and relaxation before a new, exciting and action packed year begins. Happy Friday Everyone!