Opening Strong


Yes I am in the middle of three different projects… and yet I have also been contemplating starting yet another.

There is an idea that captures my imagination whenever I have a free moment. For now it is just a collection of thoughts in search of a way to be put to paper.

Here is what I am working on for the opening paragraph:

There comes a time when you must achieve the dream regardless of who you must use to get there. If you are afraid you don’t deserve it, quite simply you are too weak for your them. Chasing the elusive white rabbit will consume you. Regret and consequence are not your concern, that only thing that matters is what you seek most. Surely even you can capture love.   


A Very Cozy Friday


The temperatures are dropping, the end of the year is coming and all I want to do is curl up in front of a nice warm fire-place and let my book take me away. In beautiful Colorado it has yet to hit above 32 degrees this week and while I love the beauty of winter I get tired of the constant shiver when the cold is not interrupted by the usual sunshine. It is time for a final dose reading and relaxation before a new, exciting and action packed year begins. Happy Friday Everyone!

The Perfect Escape


The end of the year is always full of obligations; people are busy with shopping, work, family and anything else that could possibly find a way to enter the schedule. There is stress, there is fun, there is not a moment to spare. People say that all you have to do is survive the madness, before you know it the end of the year will be here and the never ending list will be completed. Not true, a new year brings new goals, new possibilities and a blank page to create what you want the year to be. To keep my peace I find solice in a mental vacation; this tent with me inside, imagine the beautiful locations you can pick from. Imagine the inspiration. Whether it be the mountains or the rainforest or even a quiet spot on the plains; it would be a chance to just be.

Fireplace Friday

When I started posting on Fridays this was the type photo that I found to be inspiring. I have never had a fireplace so the idea of turning one into a place to store all of my beloved books sounds fabulous, unless of course the heat goes out and its a cold winter’s night. I could just imagine curling up on a big, fluffy coach and diving into one of the classics, the fireplace being a portal for my imagination.

A slice of paradise


In the midst of a ten-hour workday, I struggle, I struggle to find a way to make it to the end of the day. The job is mundane, the location covered in dust but it is a paycheck, and I simply cannot walk away. In the darkest moments, exhausted; my brow furrowed with sweat I search for a way, any way to make the time pass. Escape exists in my imagination, the ability to transport myself to another place; a place all to myself, my toes dipping into the crystal clear water, my skin soaking up the skin. I know it won’t be today, and it may not be for a long time but one day I will get there, the Philippines.