An Extended Hiatus

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might have noticed I haven’t been dedicated nearly as much or enough time to this blog over the last few weeks.

For that reason and because I have several larger projects (novels) to complete I am going to take an extended break. I will be away for approximately one month.

When I get back there will be a new layout, lots of fresh new material and I hope to make an announcement about self- publishing at least one of my novels.

As always I sincerely thank you for your support and hope to see you when I get back.



Wandering With Kerouac

It wasn’t too long ago that I did a post about On The Road by Kerouac. The stylistic approach and the sense of adventure while not glorified spoke to me in a way no other book had before. I have a feeling that as the summer approaches I might read my work through all of his works.

They say the more you read after the better you write, although I will admit sitting down to write has been a struggle lately for any number of reasons.

Have you ever read a book by one author and then just been sucked into reading everything they wrote? If so who?

For the Kerouac fans, which book should I pick up next?

A New Quarter

A new opportunity to grow as a writer. For the next 10 weeks I am focusing on the short story and after the first reading I am already feeling liberated, challenged and terrified. It is empowering to read, learn and discover that while you have come a long way there is an even longer way to go.

Here is a glimpse into our book camp (This excerpt is from the book “From Where You Dream” by Robert Olen Butler)

Image 17

The quote that starts the second chapter?

“All good novelists have bad memories” -Graham Greene

Learn To Admit Jealousy


This was originally going to be a book review of sorts and I suppose in some ways it still is. The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain is a great read, it offers in-depth insight into the life of Ernest Hemingway as a young man trying to find his writing in Paris with his first wife. The entire book is from his wife’s perspective. While the novel is fictional in a lot of ways it offers a unique perspective on Hemingway, their marriage, Paris and the people they surrounded themselves with. It is a book that transports your mind and spirit and that is where my jealously came into play.

Ernest Hemingway was able to dedicate his entire life to his writing. His days in Paris were spent writing, his nights filled with booze, debauchery and socializing with people such as F. Scott Fitzgerald. The real world in so many ways was none of his concern, only his craft. While I don’t think I am the next Hemingway nor do I necessarily want to be I long for such an opportunity.

If only I could have six month, just six months free of everything and anything what novel would I be able to produce?

I have a feeling I will never know but perhaps just the thought of it is enough. 

Long Over Due Book Review- Vonnegut


In the New Year I made an important decision, I would leave my literary comfort zone, the selection of this book is direct result of that. It is not that I am opposed to Vonnegut or any of his books, for years people have been telling me to pick them up, yet each time I resisted. I can admit now that those decisions were terrible, I have been missing out.

“Cat’s Cradle” focuses on a man named John and his journey to get the real story of the day the “bomb” dropped during WWII, he wanted the behind the scenes details of the man who created it,  Dr. Hoenikker. What follows is fascinating, satirical and highly comical journey of one man who observes society, religion and science fighting for dominance. The language is not complex but the word play and the book’s over all structure allow the careful reader to catch a glimpse of how man, religion and most importantly science came together to perhaps destroy the world.

You will walk away from this book with a new appreciation for writing and a new way perspective on everyday personal interactions.

5/5 Bookmarks

A Missing Number

Over the years I have read a lot of books and I mean a lot of them, I don’t even have enough room to store all of them in my house. I am not ashamed to admit it but a good portion of those books have been varying types of Romance,  not to say I am a Romance snob; well acutally yes, yes I am a Romance snob. As a Romance snob I struggled with this book, it is a quick and mostly enjoyable read but I couldn’t help but to think that Kinsella tried too hard.

It is a quaint love story but the struggle lies in the author being unable to decided whether or not the book itself is fanciful or realistic which I found to be very distracting. It follows the usual love story pattern, they meet, there’s drama, so and and so forth, there are a few surprising plots twists but to me it was a bit much.

Also I have no idea what the true purpose of the footnotes was and I will be totally honest I forgot they were there the majority of the time. It is an immensely popular book, but it was not for me, unfortunately it did not have my number.

2/5 Booksmarks

Have An Open Mind or Move Along

After reading about a gruesome serial killer in my last book I needed a change, I needed something lighter. Yes, this book is about religion so you wouldn’t think it would be a light read, but I found myself constantly chuckling at all of the shenanigans.

This book presents a view of Jesus, his early childhood and times in a very unique perspective. The story is told by Biff his childhood friend, who you will both hate and adore, as they go along their journey from hooligans to enlightened beings. The journey is not easy, it is a vivid, humoruous and at times very explicit path but well worth the read.

ATTENTION: This Book is about the life of Jesus before the Bible, it will be offensive if not read in the spirit it was meant. Do not read this book if anything above gives you pause or even an inkling towards being offensive.

5/5 Bookmarks

The Devil in The White City

The Devil in The White City by Erik Larson is a terrific book if you are looking to learn something about the dark side of society while also learning about its ingenuity. If you are not looking for a strong, substantive book full of intense detail, this book is not for you. If serial killers, the great World’s fair or even how the city of Chicago was built does not interest you, this is not going to be a book you would enjoy.

However, if you want to expand your horizons to a place they have never been and learn how some of our country’s greatest inovators in science, architecture and murger got their start do not miss the chance. This book will intrigue you, challenge you, and you will find yourself researching a variety of topics after finishing the last page because it will not be enough. Besides where else will you find a book that brings together the innovation of shredded wheat cereal, juicy fruit and murder by gas chamber?

Rating: 4 out of 5 Bookmarks

The Beginning seems like a good place to start

I plan to review books from all walks of life, I do not pass up the opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone, so for my first book review I will use my Book Club Book.

The book is The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.

I am more than half way through so my review will follow shortly.

I hope all feel free to share but still leave the mystery unknown for other readers.

Also any and all suggestions for books to read and review are more than welcome.