Have An Open Mind or Move Along

After reading about a gruesome serial killer in my last book I needed a change, I needed something lighter. Yes, this book is about religion so you wouldn’t think it would be a light read, but I found myself constantly chuckling at all of the shenanigans.

This book presents a view of Jesus, his early childhood and times in a very unique perspective. The story is told by Biff his childhood friend, who you will both hate and adore, as they go along their journey from hooligans to enlightened beings. The journey is not easy, it is a vivid, humoruous and at times very explicit path but well worth the read.

ATTENTION: This Book is about the life of Jesus before the Bible, it will be offensive if not read in the spirit it was meant. Do not read this book if anything above gives you pause or even an inkling towards being offensive.

5/5 Bookmarks


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