A Missing Number

Over the years I have read a lot of books and I mean a lot of them, I don’t even have enough room to store all of them in my house. I am not ashamed to admit it but a good portion of those books have been varying types of Romance,  not to say I am a Romance snob; well acutally yes, yes I am a Romance snob. As a Romance snob I struggled with this book, it is a quick and mostly enjoyable read but I couldn’t help but to think that Kinsella tried too hard.

It is a quaint love story but the struggle lies in the author being unable to decided whether or not the book itself is fanciful or realistic which I found to be very distracting. It follows the usual love story pattern, they meet, there’s drama, so and and so forth, there are a few surprising plots twists but to me it was a bit much.

Also I have no idea what the true purpose of the footnotes was and I will be totally honest I forgot they were there the majority of the time. It is an immensely popular book, but it was not for me, unfortunately it did not have my number.

2/5 Booksmarks


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