Long Over Due Book Review- Vonnegut


In the New Year I made an important decision, I would leave my literary comfort zone, the selection of this book is direct result of that. It is not that I am opposed to Vonnegut or any of his books, for years people have been telling me to pick them up, yet each time I resisted. I can admit now that those decisions were terrible, I have been missing out.

“Cat’s Cradle” focuses on a man named John and his journey to get the real story of the day the “bomb” dropped during WWII, he wanted the behind the scenes details of the man who created it,  Dr. Hoenikker. What follows is fascinating, satirical and highly comical journey of one man who observes society, religion and science fighting for dominance. The language is not complex but the word play and the book’s over all structure allow the careful reader to catch a glimpse of how man, religion and most importantly science came together to perhaps destroy the world.

You will walk away from this book with a new appreciation for writing and a new way perspective on everyday personal interactions.

5/5 Bookmarks


4 thoughts on “Long Over Due Book Review- Vonnegut

  1. It is also one of my favorite books (as is Slaughterhouse-Five)! I also enjoy reading Vonnegut’s letters and interviews, which are usually funny and thought-provoking. He would have been a great blogger.

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