Early Morning Writing Confessions


The title might be a bit misleading depending on what part of the world you are in, it is not early morning but it’s early enough for me.

Last night I was brainstorming and working hard to figure out my plot for the last 20,000 words of my April Novel when the following questions bombarded my thoughts:

What if someone somewhere in the world is having the exact unique thought I am?

Who writes it down first?

Does it matter if neither one of us shares it?

What if we both do?

Is anything we write 100% original?



11 thoughts on “Early Morning Writing Confessions

  1. Surely begs even deeper questions. The girl next to me, reading this over my shoulder, we pretty much at the same time thought that surely Jung must have an opinion. Yep, our friends just called to confirm they were thinking the same. 🙂

  2. Every idea is inspired by something that’s inspired by something that’s inspired by something. There are many people all over the world having the same idea right now. Don’t even worry about it. As long as one person isn’t intentionally ‘stealing’ another person’s ideas then I think we can all be good with one another.

  3. it is hard to prove plagiarism or coincident-thought in literary ideas because even with the same core, literary works can diverge in so many ways (unless of course you have folks copying words ditto). The closest we can get to validated coincident-thought is scientific breakthroughs and there are many the claim that most scientific breakthroughs are discovered in parallel because all the bases for that discovery is available to every one i.e. if we accept that fire was discovered by the early-man seeing lightning hit the trees – it must have been “discovered” many times and by many people.
    That being said I think ideas are a dime-a-dozen and its execution that matters after an idea strikes. Even if someone has had the same though about plots as you what is important is that you took up the pen and translated it into words on paper. So “originality” (and I think Shakespeare would agree :-)) is overrated.

  4. I would that there would ALWAYS be saying “been there- done that”. I also believe that everyone is unique- so maybe 2 experiences that SEEM identical- have some differences.

    Is there anything NEW under the sun?

  5. Ive always thought about this, most of what we come up with is made up or regurgitated thoughts right? We are generally piecing together snippets of things we have read, seen or heard.

    Thanks to having such accesible media, it’s easy to hear and read thousands of things, without even remembering we have heard/read them ..

    So the conclusion I reached at 4:20am a few nights, with little sleep and a shade of intoxication is:

    Nothing we say or write is completely original anymore, BUT, the way we structure it, put it across, and the emotion we chuck into it, can surely still make it unique!

    I think this is the silver lining that keeps me writting.

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