It’s The Only Way



Is It Just Me Or?


Do all of your best ideas come to light just as darkness surrounds you? I can stare for hours at my notebook or at my laptop without a single thought to grab onto. Then, just as I drift off and dream of what could be the scene strikes. It’s never fully developed but it is a dare. Do I get out of the warm confines of my bed to jot down this magnificent unicorn of an idea? Or do I trust myself to remember it come the break of dawn?

I have done both several times, meeting with failure and victory.

Is it because I allow my mind to wander so freely that these thoughts take hold? Is it because my imagination is priming itself for whatever dream I am about to have? I wish I could capture whatever it is I do before I fall to sleep.

The perfect writing trance, it is like nirvana for my creativity. It cannot be created only experienced.

Experience is the best teacher.

Early Morning Writing Confessions


The title might be a bit misleading depending on what part of the world you are in, it is not early morning but it’s early enough for me.

Last night I was brainstorming and working hard to figure out my plot for the last 20,000 words of my April Novel when the following questions bombarded my thoughts:

What if someone somewhere in the world is having the exact unique thought I am?

Who writes it down first?

Does it matter if neither one of us shares it?

What if we both do?

Is anything we write 100% original?


Hunt Down Your Next Idea

BearBookshelfDo Bears hunt? I have no idea, I assume so since they are a predator. What I do know is that they fish for salmon, snatching a single fish from the group as they rush up stream. Isn’t that how we should approach our next big project? If you are like me your mind is full of ideas, thoughts, and words all of which have potential so why not be the bear? Be the Bear, get aggressive and commit to that one idea and reap the benefits.

I don’t know if I would select this particular bookshelf, I have never been the field and stream type although I do enjoy the modern look of the piece. It would be fun to mess with the neighbors, Happy Friday Everyone!

The possibilities of Friday

I don’t know what it is about Friday but the possibilities seem to be endless, much like this awesome free little library. I think a free little library should be in every neighborhood, a great way to share books and ideas. Happy Friday everyone and for my fellow NaNoWrimos I hope it is a productive Friday and weekend for those word counts.