The Friday Sniffles


I love being outside. I love hanging out in my back yard. Who could blame me when this is what I find each morning in the spring and summer? No I don’t do the work, I just get to enjoy it. I had high hopes of doing some truly inspired writing out there.

That’s when it hit me; the sore throat, the watery eyes, the constant sneezing, allergies.

Things I currently hate- Pollen.

So things I have done this week; started a new job and nothing else. Not much writing and I certainly haven’t hit the gym because I have been just above zombie status. Curse you Pollen!

Now armed with the proper medication I want to have a writing spree this weekend.

Happy Friday and Happy Writing Everyone!

Current Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 29,149


11 thoughts on “The Friday Sniffles

  1. I outgrew my allergies. PLEASE do not take Benadryl- BAD Medication.
    I loved both the piece and the picture is both so fantastic and fitting. HAPPY writing!!

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