Another Day, Another Challenge


To celebrate finishing up what I believe to be the last major edits of a novel I started over two years ago I am going to start yet another new story. You know because the other novel I did which is begging for its edits just isn’t enough.

I am participating in Camp NaNoWrimo in July and set my goal at 50K even though this is the month where you can pick a lower goal if you wish. It was tempting but there is something about the 50K mark that just calls to me.

I wonder is it possible to have too many stories, edits, poems, blogs etc. going on at once?

Nope 🙂

Is anyone else participating? What are your goals and strategies?

So This Is How It Really Went Down



Camp NaNoWriMo: The Truth Exposed

Final Word Count- 38,941

Target Goal- 50,000

So close yet so very far……

I will guarantee this much, I am going to finish this story. Hell I am even going to edit it.

I am real proud of it and the progress I made despite missing the word count (curse my competitive streak).

It’s full of a little thing that I like to call potential.  

The Friday Sniffles


I love being outside. I love hanging out in my back yard. Who could blame me when this is what I find each morning in the spring and summer? No I don’t do the work, I just get to enjoy it. I had high hopes of doing some truly inspired writing out there.

That’s when it hit me; the sore throat, the watery eyes, the constant sneezing, allergies.

Things I currently hate- Pollen.

So things I have done this week; started a new job and nothing else. Not much writing and I certainly haven’t hit the gym because I have been just above zombie status. Curse you Pollen!

Now armed with the proper medication I want to have a writing spree this weekend.

Happy Friday and Happy Writing Everyone!

Current Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 29,149

Word Count


I fell behind but something exciting happened… I caught up.

Half way through the month and I am sitting at 25,015 words

Oh yeah!!!

I am feeling good, I feel like I know where the story is heading even though I know better than to assume that it will go the way I plan.

Hope everyone else is having a good month with their goals as well.

Happy Writing!

Character Fight

Fictional Characters

In case you were wondering that is me except with the impromptu blizzard I am doing all of my brainstorming in the warmth of my home. Occasionally I do it at work as well but I trust all of you not to mention it to anyone 🙂

I am making a lot of progress for Camp Nanowrimo which is great, I am actually enjoying my plot and where things are headed even though it was not at all what I anticipated from the onset. There is, however, an issue which is staring me down from my laptop and that is my character development.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like my reader knows what they look like and their back-story, they might even know why they act the way they do but I want more. My problem is that I am not entirely sure what it is I want or how I can go about doing it.

Ideas? Anyone? What do you want from you characters when you write or even when you read?

Don’t be shy.

15,000 words down only 35,000 to go.


Thursday Update

ThursdayThursday is generally my day off to recharge and relax for the next couple of days ahead. After next week that will be no more, so I am going to take complete advantage of this one.

I just wanted to do a brief post today mostly thanking all of my followers. I have nearly 1,100 people following this blog now and to me that is both amazing and humbling. Thank you so much for your support, comments and likes. 🙂 I also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the numerous awards many different people have taken time out to nominate me for; I see them and trust me they are greatly appreciated.

Lastly, because I need accountability everywhere I am going to share my current Camp Nanowrimo Stats.

I am going for the full 50,00 words in the month of April, after a full two days of writing I stand at 5,828 words. Not a bad start and I am hoping to get greedy and double it this afternoon. I think the best news of all is that I have started to fall in love a bit with my main character John, it shall be a brief 50,000 word love affair but I will give it my all.

Happy Writing Everyone!


Join Me?



If would be fair if you asked me if I had hit my head some time in the past month. The answer would be no but it would be a great excuse. It’s not like I am taking classes, working at the job that pays my bills, and working on two other novels or anything during the month of April. Oh no wait I am. None the less I have decided to add yet another project and this time it comes with a deadline outside my control. I am going to participate in Camp Nanowrimo and you know just add another 50,000 words to the month. It will be fun, the book idea I have decided on will be fun and the deadline makes it a great challenge. I have never backed down from a challenge.

So I ask you my followers, anyone care to join me? We could bunk together? And no that is not as creepy as it sounds.. We can also do word sprints and lament the fact that we took it on together.

I mean what excuse is there not to?