Word Count


I fell behind but something exciting happened… I caught up.

Half way through the month and I am sitting at 25,015 words

Oh yeah!!!

I am feeling good, I feel like I know where the story is heading even though I know better than to assume that it will go the way I plan.

Hope everyone else is having a good month with their goals as well.

Happy Writing!


13 thoughts on “Word Count

  1. Good work! I try not to focus too much on word count – more on feeling as if I’ve achieved something with my writing every time I sit down with my pen. The main thing is that you’re excited by your story… that’s so good to hear!… and if you can continue to excite and surprise yourself then there’s a good chance that it’ll have the same effect on readers. Onwards through April!…

  2. This is my first book and I haven’t even considered word count yet. I have been pushing myself every night to at least type a paragraph, and it’s worked. I have Six A4 pages so far and 2,659 words so far (I just this moment checked!). Not bad for only two nights work 🙂

  3. Great, hilarious e-card.  Thing is— what exactly do the dogs represent, here?  Unemployment would be more like the absence of something… like a ‘bum’ e-card. 🙂

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