Friday in the Springs

GlenwoodSpringCoThis glorious slice of paradise in the hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs Colorado. It has been a long and hard week for me, perhaps it has been the same out there for some of my followers; why don’t we all escape together?

Let’s take a minute, let all of the tension drain from your body. You walk out from the locker room and feel the 32 degree mountain air take over your body. There is a hint of sulfur coming from the natural springs. The water is warm, so incredibly warm, 104 degrees of unadulterated bliss. Floating on your back you are able to see thousands and thousands of stars crisply, clearly, without the impediment of city lights. Serenity.

The great thing about writers is that we are able to escape so easily. 😉

Happy Friday Everyone!


24 thoughts on “Friday in the Springs

  1. Oh, that photo is beautiful! How jealous am I right now? I’ve lived in Colorado, near Estes Park. The views and experiences there are once in a lifetime! Thank you for liking my blog post “Blogging as a Writer; Why it Helps.”

  2. WOW – i only wish i could partake of the Springs i have trouble with water even a simple shower as i breathe out the side of my neck as i like to say
    and thank you for visiting my blog

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