Awkward Friday Fun


Friday is almost halfway over and I am just now getting around to my Friday Fun post, shame on me. I was up late at an NBA game, I have season tickets for the Nuggets, so I will use that as an excuse. The irony however was that the inspiration for this post came from the people watching I did in the stands. People really are fascinating creatures and the things they will discuss loudly in a crowded place is fabulous. I had four middle-aged women behind me who I paid no attention to until I heard this gem, “I don’t want to be super offensive or anything but you ex-husband totally upgraded with his next wife” it was followed but an awkward silence, a sip, and this reply, “I know right?!?!?” I was hooked instantly, think of all the wonderful stories that could be created with that one interaction. Inspiration is everywhere all you have to do is reach out and grab the dialogue we are surrounded with everyday. Let your imagination to the rest.

Happy Friday Everyone! 


6 thoughts on “Awkward Friday Fun

  1. Oh, exactly! I love it. So much inspiration spills from us quirky humans, all we must do is listen. Great post. Happy Friday. Good luck to the Nuggets, I’m partial to the Avalanche myself, but that’s just me.

  2. genuinely laughed out loud when I read this, it’s so true that people talk about all kinds of inappropriate things in the seemingly ‘safe’ huddle and bustle of a crowded place. Indeed the fine art of people watching has on many occasion relinquished a gem of insight or inspiration, but more often than not a source of personal amusement. Not in a malicious way of laughing ‘at’ other people, but just that people are so interesting and fascinating that simply watching them go about their lives can bring a smile to ones face and warmth to ones heart. 🙂

  3. Just living life and paying attention to the details around us including the people that enter our lives or only touch it casually is a great source for inspiration and material for writing. Stories are made up of people, so the more people we pay attention to, the greater the stories we can create. Thanks for reminding us of that.

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