Trinket Bookshelf


I am still on the hunt for the perfect bookshelf. My collection of books is constantly growing and I am running out of space and though I don’t like to admit it I am even out of room on the floor. This shelf grabbed me because it was the type of shelf I want to find my own books on one day. It is modern and fun while offering nice storage. It also adds a spot for the placement of unique items.

What trinket would you put at the end of each shelf?

Happy Friday Everyone!



Friday Doodling


I know this isn’t practical and really doesn’t make any sense at all but that is why I have to have it! I don’t know if I would start with a white book shelf, I am more likely to use light blue. I would have various colors of sharpies readily available and anytime someone wanted to borrow a book I would have them leave a note upon returning it, or maybe as a check out routine. I could also see myself jotting down a few notes about my favorite books. It is a big bookshelf of creativity. It’s more than just books and writing; it is a collaboration of them, right in front of you.

Hey, I might even be able to keep my books organized that way….. haha who are kidding my books will never be organized, just the way I like it.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Awkward Friday Fun


Friday is almost halfway over and I am just now getting around to my Friday Fun post, shame on me. I was up late at an NBA game, I have season tickets for the Nuggets, so I will use that as an excuse. The irony however was that the inspiration for this post came from the people watching I did in the stands. People really are fascinating creatures and the things they will discuss loudly in a crowded place is fabulous. I had four middle-aged women behind me who I paid no attention to until I heard this gem, “I don’t want to be super offensive or anything but you ex-husband totally upgraded with his next wife” it was followed but an awkward silence, a sip, and this reply, “I know right?!?!?” I was hooked instantly, think of all the wonderful stories that could be created with that one interaction. Inspiration is everywhere all you have to do is reach out and grab the dialogue we are surrounded with everyday. Let your imagination to the rest.

Happy Friday Everyone! 

What’s Waiting For You?

SecretDoorwayIt has been a interesting week for any number of reasons but mainly because I have decided to write my next novel. The first one is complete and being edited before I make any big decisions; in the mean time I can’t stop myself from starting on this new endeavor. The bookshelf is symbolic of that; the piece I am starting is a personal essay/memoir of sorts, something I never thought I would put to paper. It had always been there, locked away and hiding behind the door I had put up in front of it. I dug out the key, walked inside; I did not like what I saw but I saw an important story to be shared. It is a risk, I am excited yet nervous. So I ask my followers what great ideas are you keeping locked up behind the door? What is stopping you from finding the key?

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hunt Down Your Next Idea

BearBookshelfDo Bears hunt? I have no idea, I assume so since they are a predator. What I do know is that they fish for salmon, snatching a single fish from the group as they rush up stream. Isn’t that how we should approach our next big project? If you are like me your mind is full of ideas, thoughts, and words all of which have potential so why not be the bear? Be the Bear, get aggressive and commit to that one idea and reap the benefits.

I don’t know if I would select this particular bookshelf, I have never been the field and stream type although I do enjoy the modern look of the piece. It would be fun to mess with the neighbors, Happy Friday Everyone!

Do It, Differently.



It is the end of another long and successful week, while I was looking for fun bookshelves for my Friday post I came across this gem. Yes, that is an upside bookshelf which seemingly holds the books onto it, I remain skeptical. Either way it is fun and imaginative; sometimes it is better to try something completely outside of the ordinary, who knows what amazing idea you may come up with? It may not work or it may work beyond your expectations but you have to think outside of the box or even perhaps upside down to get to those ideas. Happy Friday Everyone!

Your Inspiration in Lights


As most of you know I take special pride in putting together something particularly fun on Friday but lately I feel like I have fallen into a routine. I am most certainly not keeping it fresh or even fun enough which is why I chose the shelf above for my pick this week. This year is full of a lot of new things for me; such as a Masters level writing program starting Monday, don’t worry I will not slack on my blog, only my sleep. So taking a page out of that book (pun intended) I selected something a little more modern and outside of my comfort zone, the more I look at it the more I think you could make this special shelf work in any house that appreciates books. Happy Friday Everyone!


-If you want more specific information on this particular shelf I tracked it down to StellaBleuDesigns on Etsy

Fireplace Friday

When I started posting on Fridays this was the type photo that I found to be inspiring. I have never had a fireplace so the idea of turning one into a place to store all of my beloved books sounds fabulous, unless of course the heat goes out and its a cold winter’s night. I could just imagine curling up on a big, fluffy coach and diving into one of the classics, the fireplace being a portal for my imagination.