Trinket Bookshelf


I am still on the hunt for the perfect bookshelf. My collection of books is constantly growing and I am running out of space and though I don’t like to admit it I am even out of room on the floor. This shelf grabbed me because it was the type of shelf I want to find my own books on one day. It is modern and fun while offering nice storage. It also adds a spot for the placement of unique items.

What trinket would you put at the end of each shelf?

Happy Friday Everyone!



10 thoughts on “Trinket Bookshelf

  1. Since I only buy e books and store them on my Kindle the only reason I would need a bookshelf for is my dvd collection. Instead of trinkets space ship models would look pretty cool sitting on the end of each shelf. 🙂

  2. I need a new one too – the one I have is bowing in the middle from the weight of my books (less than half of them at that), and the rest of them are on the floor or packed in a laundry basket!

    This shelf’s got a bit of whimsy! Very cute. I would probably put my candles or maybe my all time favorite books on the ends so they stand out from the rest (:

  3. That shelf would be a nice addition here! …not sure about the ends. I like the idea Kyla had above about highlighting favorites…but it would also be a place to put some of my Dr. Suess and/0r Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.

  4. I’d be putting writing materials on the shelves. No joke. Ad my little plastic ninjas and other variously random collections I have currently on my desk but that are taking up space. Oh! And pictures. Pictures too.

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