Taking a Different Route for the New Year

Frost; Road Not Taken

My birthday happens to fall on the final day of the year; it is a great time for me to enjoy the successes I have achieved over the past twelve months. The last year has been a very important one for me, but I cannot simply enjoy what I have done because there is so much left for me to do. I am energized, excited and ready to attack the new year with my writing.

The following is a response poem to Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken to describe my path for 2013:

Does it only happen once

Will I really only get one, single


I will not, cannot, believe it.

Each day I will look down both of those paths,

I will contemplate them, stare them down.

Each day I will make the choice.

It may not be the best choice,

It may be the easy choice, 

It could be the worst choice,

But I will try again.

I do know how it will end,

It will be my own path,

A path no one else dared to wonder down,


It will make all the difference.


3 thoughts on “Taking a Different Route for the New Year

  1. happy birth day, joyous remembrance and blessings for your choices… choice is our gift from the divine… Listen up, and you’ll always be led on the path that will serve you best.

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