Taking a Different Route for the New Year

Frost; Road Not Taken

My birthday happens to fall on the final day of the year; it is a great time for me to enjoy the successes I have achieved over the past twelve months. The last year has been a very important one for me, but I cannot simply enjoy what I have done because there is so much left for me to do. I am energized, excited and ready to attack the new year with my writing.

The following is a response poem to Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken to describe my path for 2013:

Does it only happen once

Will I really only get one, single


I will not, cannot, believe it.

Each day I will look down both of those paths,

I will contemplate them, stare them down.

Each day I will make the choice.

It may not be the best choice,

It may be the easy choice, 

It could be the worst choice,

But I will try again.

I do know how it will end,

It will be my own path,

A path no one else dared to wonder down,


It will make all the difference.