Be In Love 

Or it’s a damn waste of time.

I’ve said it before, and it’s trite to not only say it again, but to say it now, but I am back.

Big things on the horizon – I can’t wait to share and most importantly get back to this community.



Taking a Different Route for the New Year

Frost; Road Not Taken

My birthday happens to fall on the final day of the year; it is a great time for me to enjoy the successes I have achieved over the past twelve months. The last year has been a very important one for me, but I cannot simply enjoy what I have done because there is so much left for me to do. I am energized, excited and ready to attack the new year with my writing.

The following is a response poem to Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken to describe my path for 2013:

Does it only happen once

Will I really only get one, single


I will not, cannot, believe it.

Each day I will look down both of those paths,

I will contemplate them, stare them down.

Each day I will make the choice.

It may not be the best choice,

It may be the easy choice, 

It could be the worst choice,

But I will try again.

I do know how it will end,

It will be my own path,

A path no one else dared to wonder down,


It will make all the difference.

The Perfect Escape


The end of the year is always full of obligations; people are busy with shopping, work, family and anything else that could possibly find a way to enter the schedule. There is stress, there is fun, there is not a moment to spare. People say that all you have to do is survive the madness, before you know it the end of the year will be here and the never ending list will be completed. Not true, a new year brings new goals, new possibilities and a blank page to create what you want the year to be. To keep my peace I find solice in a mental vacation; this tent with me inside, imagine the beautiful locations you can pick from. Imagine the inspiration. Whether it be the mountains or the rainforest or even a quiet spot on the plains; it would be a chance to just be.