20130208_194128Is it so very different from place to place? Do timezones stand for more than just a change in longitude? Are we a reflection of when the sun rises above us, are we more? Would I love him less if he saw the sun after me each day? What if he believes over love only revolves around time? Can I last without him after giving myself fully to our love?

I shouldn’t focus on this now. I need to focus on the moment. He will be off the plane at any moment. No return flight.


Tick- Tock- Tick- Tock

Kiss, Love, Breathe, Live


Heartbreak, Eternal, Ever After


Love Latte Style


They locked eyes from across the coffee-house. Instantly Rebecca knew she had met her soul mate. Their entire future passed before her eyes. The man, Eric, clearly felt the same synergy; pupils dilated, a smirk grew upon his face. It was an intensely beautiful moment.

The two of them caught in that moment threw caution to the wind. They grabbed their matching medium extra hot no foam vanilla lattes and set out to conquer the world. The birds sang, flowers bloomed and the sun was indeed vivacious.

Two weeks later they were married and on their honeymoon to Iceland; long story, better left for another time. Nine quick months later baby Eric arrived, thirteen months after that baby Rebecca arrived; name creativity was not their strong suit.  The four of them made their way through the world together; joyfully living out the American Dream. Perfect.

Then one day they got divorced.

“Miss, your vanilla latte is ready”.


John had told Alex that he was going to sit in his room; watch sports on his laptop with his headphones and a beer. He said he would leave her completely alone until her two hours were up, then he was going to brazenly stroll into the living room wearing only his boxers. John reminded himself that’s what he should do. In theory, was differentvastly different, than in reality.

John could not help himself as he slid off of his bed ninja-style and made his way towards the door. He had never witnessed Alex on a date, and it was really her fault for bringing him to their apartment, he had to listen in. Creeping up to the door John made sure not to make a single noise, he then pressed his ear to the door and waited; focusing all of his attention so that he could make sense of the muffled voices.

John stopped, he sat back from the door, after what he had just heard he couldn’t decide if he was shocked or just incredibly confused. If he was not mistaken the two of them were discussing the mating habits of penguins. Flustered he moved back towards the door to listen again, surely he must have not heard them correctly.

Pressing his ear closer he heard nothing, not a single sound. His mind began to race, he was both confused and increasingly concerned for Alex’s well being, who was that guy? Suddenly a click and he knew it was too late as he went tumbling forward, landing on Alex’s feet.

The Neighbor

Alex never did get any details on the mysterious date, at some point during the movie she fell asleep. Not only that but John had the audacity to leave early the next day to do who knows what without giving her the proper details, his first roommate faux pas. Alex was left to wonder, wait, wonder, and most frustrating of all wait.

John came in panting, covered with sweat, it became clear his early morning disappearance was a morning jog. As Alex was going to pounce of him and demand information she was shut down by the expression on his face. Out of breathe John demanded, “Have you met her, I mean please tell me you have met her, did she give you the fifth degree”?

“Who are you talking about, what happened”?

“The old lady, our next door neighbor, she trapped me on my way up the stairs, and then she demanded to know what our intentons were, us, living together in such an inappropiate manner”!


*Madge Sinclair



The Male Ritual

Ashley had already fallen into a new routine with John as her new roommate, living with a guy wasn’t going to be that big of a deal with the exception of where she could and could not put her shoes. Ashely had known all of John’s quirks from years of being friends, and truly she hadn’t been surprised by any of his actions, that all changed Friday night.

Ashley had planned herself a movie night for Friday, what she had not planned was her roommate having plans, not just any plans but a date. Ashley was not jealous, instead she found herself confused, she had never taken the time to watch John get ready for a date it was turning into quite the experience.

Who knew that a man could take so long and so many steps when getting ready; it wasn’t just shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and fly out the door as she assumed? It took John 25 minutes to pick the right shoes to go with his shirt without being too “matchy, matchy”. Not only that but an additional 10 minutes to select which wash of jeans worked just right with his baby blue button up shirt. Lastly, the shave, he slaved over the mirror to make sure he wasn’t too clean shaven, woman he said, “like the hint of danger that comes with proper stubble”.

Ashley was entranced.


Shock and Awe

John had known Alex her entire life, he spent a lot of time at her previous places and had gone on several group vacations, but nothing had prepared him. Nothing he could have done, seen, or heard could have possibly prepared him.

The cold, hard reality smacked him across the face like a man challenging another man to a duel with a leather glove. The harsh smack of reality hurt like a boxer’s punch but stung like being whipped by a wet towel. Intense, reverberating; both his mind and body were held in a fog of pain.

Shoes. Everywhere. In every single closet of their new apartment. All of them, all of the closets, how did John learn this lesson? He found multiple pairs of obnoxious, neon heels in his closet, in his bedroom.